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    Privacy Policy

    Information Text on Protection of Personal Data, and Privacy Policy

    This Information Text and Privacy Policy has been drawn up and entered into effect in order to inform the real and legal persons, the personal data of whom/which are processed by SNH INSAAT A.S. (the “COMPANY”) or its affiliates and subsidiaries in accordance with the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (the “LPPD”), about the rules observed in processing and disclosure of the personal data, as well as the rights they are granted under the scope thereof.

    Privacy Policy and Information Text provide information on what kinds of information of the Users are received by the COMPANY, how such information is used and protected in cases when such Users are logged into the website and/or use the website. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to set out the terms and conditions on use of any and all personal data, which are disclosed by the users/members/visitors (“DATA OWNER”) of that is managed by SNH INSAAT A.S. (the “SITE”), or which are generated by the COMPANY during use of the SITE by the DATA OWNER.

    The DATA OWNER hereby represents that s/he/it has been informed about processing of personal data, and also that s/he/it has granted her/his/its consent for use of such personal data in a manner as provided hereunder.

    1. What is Personal Data?

    Under the scope of the LPPD; personal data refer to any and all kinds of information in relation to any identified or identifiable real person (“Personal Data”), and the Private Personal Data, a special type thereof, refer to any and all data of the same such as race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, appearance and clothes, membership to any association, foundation or union, medical- sexual life, criminal capacity and security measures, as well as any and all biometric and genetic data of the same (the “Private Personal Data”). Any and all remarks with respect to your Personal Data hereunder cover your Private Personal Data.

    2. Processing of Personal Data

    Any and all kinds of processes performed on any data such as collection of personal data by automatic means wholly or partly or by non-automatic means to the extent that they belong to any data recording system, as well as recording, storage, retaining, changing, reforming, disclosing, transmission, taking over, classification thereof, or making the same accessible or preventing them to be used are considered as “processing of personal data”.

    3. Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

    Any and all personal data, which have been collected, shall be processed as per the terms of processing of the personal data as prescribed under Sections 5 and 6 of the LPPD in order to ensure legal and commercial safety of persons who are engaged in business relations with SNH INSAAT A.S. and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries, and to ensure safety of the COMPANY, and to determine the business and commercial strategies, and to fulfill any and all statutory and administrative obligations, and to exercise any and all legal rights, and to resolve any and all legal disputes, and to develop any project, and also to enhance the productivity and quality standards.

    Personal Data may be disclosed and transmitted to the business partners, suppliers, subcontractors, shareholders, subsidiaries, the contracted law offices of the COMPANY, internal departments, occupational health and safety companies, banks, authorized service centers, universities, insurance companies, international business partners, any domestic or international companies in cases where the employees are assigned to serve at any other domestic or international company, the legally-authorized public institutions and private entities in accordance with the terms and purposes as prescribed under Sections 8 and 9 of the LPPD.

    4. What are Your Rights (as the Data Owner) Provided under Section 11 of the LPPD?

    Under the scope of section 11 of the LPPD; the real persons, whose personal data are processed, are entitled:

    • to inquire whether their personal data have been processed, or not; and
    • to ask for information regarding any such processed personal data; and
    • to be informed about the purpose of processing of any such data, and also about the fact that whether such data have been used as appropriate to the purpose thereto; and
    • to be informed about the 3rd parties to which any such data has been transmitted either domestically or internationally; and
    • to ask for correction thereof, in case any personal data has been processed imperfectly or inaccurately; and
    • to ask for deletion, disposal or anonymization of any such personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed under Section 7 of the Law; and
    • to ask for provision of information to the third parties, to which such personal data have been transmitted, of such processes performed on the data, which have been corrected, deleted, disposed of, or anonymized upon request, if such data have been transmitted; and
    • to raise an objection against such outcome in case of emergence of an outcome that is to the detriment of you upon the analysis of any such processed personal data solely by any automatic systems; and also
    • to claim for compensation of any and all damage and/or loss you might have incurred in case any such personal data have been processed in breach of the Law.

    In order to exercise any of the above-given rights; the Request owner should send her/his/its written request, including all her/his/its ID information, and her/his/its remarks regarding the right intended to be exercised, to the address of SNH INSAAT A.S. at Mustafa Kemal Mah.2118.Cadde MAIDAN A Blok No.4A /161 06510 Cankaya /ANKARA.

    Any and all requests, to be sent in writing to the above-given address, are required to be served through the agency of a notary public. Applications are required to be made in Turkish, and the request should be stated clearly and free of any misunderstanding, and the ID information, as well as all related information and documentation are required to be available under the application file. Such applications shall be concluded within a period of maximum 30 days. Replies to such applications may be sent to the request owner, in writing, either by any type of postal service or e-mail, basing on the discretion of SNH INSAAT A.S.

    This Privacy Policy and Information Text constitutes an integral part of any and all kinds of agreements which have been executed, in writing, with SNH INSAAT A.S.