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    SNH set off on its journey with a confidence to make major and important differences across the construction industry in 1996.

    Thanks to its confidence that what makes a journey meaningful is the passengers themselves, not the road itself, and its decent stance adopted in line with its principles without compromising quality in all its widely-acclaimed projects realized with the ever-developing efforts to do what is better at all times, it has evolved into a giant family embracing hundreds of people now.

    We, as SNH, have kept proceeding on our own way without compromising quality in our services and production activities together with our people, and accordingly, we have always acted in line with our outstanding business ethics and decent business principles for 25 years, which has positioned us differently among all our stakeholders and customers.

    We have faith in that we can accomplish all kinds of projects when we combine our extensive experience and know-how together. All our young, experienced, talented people, who are undoubtedly a member of our giant SNH family, are the most important treasure of our company.

    All decisions adopted in our long corporate life of 25 years, and all positive or negative outcomes of such decisions have all played an important role in our current corporate position, and they have all become an indispensable part of our corporate memory.

    Knowing that we have a much longer journey to cover in future, our indispensable purposes are to as reliable as we have been so far in the upcoming years, and to not to compromise quality. Our company will maintain its dynamic stance together with its current visionary and entrepreneur spirit, and accomplish many important projects.








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